Lander Offers On-Campus Job Fair

Lander University Offers On-Campus Job Fair

By Jeff Lagrone

For college students who need a job but can’t venture far, because of class schedules or transportation issues, a job on campus can be just the thing, and Lander University’s On-Campus Job Fair, on Wednesday, Aug. 24, offered proof of the large number of jobs to be had.

Lander’s Academic Success Center employs “about 45 tutors,” according to Connor McGill, of Anderson, who tutors Business 101, and also works the ASC’s front desk.

“Any student who has made an “A” in a class can tutor that class and help other students who may be struggling,” he said.

On an average day, Lander Dining Services feeds between 800 and 1,200 students, faculty and staff members, according to Office Manager Jennie Manley.

“We need a lot of workers,” she said.

She was looking for “very dependable, very flexible, very friendly” people.

“We can work with their schedules; we can work with their times going back home to visit friends and family — all of that,” she said.

Student workers in Lander’s Financial Aid Office “try to answer as many questions as possible before bringing us up front,” said Financial Aid Counselor Peggy Gorham-Constant.

The job requires some fairly extensive training.

“We like somebody who is either from Greenwood or from the surrounding areas, or someone who is going to live in Greenwood for the summers, because we like for them to work all year round. For them to be trained, it takes a little bit of time. We like to hire freshmen and sophomores, so that they are there for the duration.”

Gorham-Constant said there are advantages to working on campus. If students “have an hour or two in between classes, they can come in to work for that hour or two and then go straight back to class.”

Assistant Professor of Digital Media Cory Carpenter was another of the recruiters on hand for the event. He said he was looking for “about ten” people to join a video team documenting student activities.

Carpenter said he hired “eight or nine” people to do the same thing last year.

“There’s a lot of interest in students getting paid to do content creation,” he said.

Although he is looking for talent and experience, he said, “this is a school. So we also want people who are interested and excited to learn more about refining their professional product.”

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