Hakeem Brown’s Retrospect

    Hakeem Brown

    Hakeem Brown’s Retrospect

    By Ladavia Jones

    Junior Media and Communications Major Hakeem Brown hosts the XLR Lander radio show titled Retrospect which first aired last semester. Brown describes his show as “a platform based on events that happened in the past on the same date.” He covers topics related to events in sports, music, and/or fashion, thoroughly researching the topics beforehand. The purpose behind his up-and-coming show, he adds, is to “talk about what’s going on in today’s world” that are relevant to these three categories.

    The Media and Communications student mentioned bringing guests on his shows, some from the student body and some from his connections outside of Lander in hopes of gaining a perspective aside from his own. “I do have an outline for every show, and topics that I want to talk about,” Brown states. But he isn’t afraid to adlib off his own script. And he encourages his guests to do the same.

    Brown, while excited for his show to continue running this semester, said he hopes to take his show and his concept to a broader audience beyond Lander University because he feels that more people can relate to his topics. Brown states that he “wants to make a name for [himself]” at Lander before he can take his budding career to new heights, possibly expanding his show to different media outlets such as television and podcasting.

    “I’m looking for experience and of course, XLR has given me an opportunity for experience,” he says. While this is a hobby that fuels Brown’s passion for school and the world of media, his true passion lies in screenwriting, and he also participates in other media outlets on campus such as the LU Forum and his own photography.

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