Lander Stages ‘A Christmas Carol’

Lander Christmas Carol

Lander Stages ‘A Christmas Carol

Story by Jeff Lagrone

“Great work!”

That’s how Professor of Speech and Performance Monique Sacay-Bagwell described Lander University’s Thursday, Nov. 18, production of ‘A Christmas Carol: A Live Radio Play.’

“We had a successful live performance on XLR Lander University Radio,” said Sacay-Bagwwell, who directed the play. “It was a delight to see all the elements pull together, and to watch our students work like pros.”

Stage versions of the holiday classic, about how Ebenezer Scrooge learned the true meaning of Christmas, usually have several dozen actors. But Lander accomplished the feat with just five, including Bianca Desoto Booher, a media and communications major from Bloomington, In., who was the voice of Mrs. Cratchit, wife of Scrooge’s clerk, Bob Cratchit, and also six other characters.

“Lots of practice” was needed to keep seven characters straight, according to Booher. She called the undertaking “more than I bargained for. But I’m happy to have been a part of it. It was definitely fun.”

Megan Higginbotham, a senior media communications major from Rock Hill who played Tiny Tim, the Ghost of Christmas Past, and a host of others, expressed similar sentiments.

“It’s our first time doing a radio play here, and I am very excited for it. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun along the way.”

Joel Seymour, the senior mass communications major from Bishopville who played Scrooge, considers himself to be an outgoing individual. Playing Scrooge, he said, was like stepping outside of himself.

“Getting into that headspace has been a really interesting experience. I feel like I’ve been pushed to become not just a better Scrooge, but a better performer in general,” he said.

Other performers included Jadyn Sopha, of Irmo, and Cyrus Kelly, of Sharpsburg, Ga. Producers were Olivia Weeks, of Greenwood, and Lauryn Young-Fenwick, of Salem, with Assistant Professor of Digital Media Cory Carpenter and Lecturer of Media Reece Funderburk lending their technical production skills. Foley artist was Devon Sawyer, of Summerville.

“The success of ‘A Christmas Carol’ has inspired our department to continue to produce a radio play each year,” Sacay-Bagwell said.

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