Dolny Leads Discussion on Managing Stress

Dolny Leads Discussion on Managing Stress

By Deb Nygro

Holding a whiffle ball, Dr. Linda Dolny, middle, talks with Lander students about factors that create anxiety, stress and other emotional mindsets; and how values can affect a student’s behavior when affronted with a negative situation.

The forum, held on March 21 inside the Carnell Learning Center at Lander University, brought in community members, health care professionals, students, faculty and staff.  Members of Lander’s sports teams assisted in the demonstration by kicking soccer balls, tossing tennis balls, and dribbling basketballs to represent how each person’s behavior is influenced by their personal thoughts and feelings – adding stress to daily life. Standing behind Dolny, from the left are Sarah Owen, of Orlando, Fla; and Alex Moore, of Sarasota, Fla.

Dr. Dolny is chair of Lander’s Board of Trustees and a commissioner for the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE). She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Education from Lander University, a master’s degree from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and holds an honorary doctorate from Lander University.

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