Television Throwback

Television Throwback

Television Throwback

By Donald E. Stroud

We all have our favorite shows from the 1980’s leading into the early 2000’s. Some of these shows are coming back with reboots by popular demand from their audiences. One of the first series to launch a reboot was Full House. The Netflix Original Series reboot, entitled Fuller House, was released in February 2016. Despite some unpopular reviews from critics on the web, reported that the show’s general audience had given positive reviews of the show. The show recently released its third season and has been renewed for a fourth season on Netflix. Clearly, there’s a genuine interest that comes from both old fans and new fans alike.

Since the release of Fuller House, several other reboots have been in the works. A Will & Grace reboot was released back in September 2017 on NBC. Roseanne is to be revived and aired on the ABC Network beginning on March 27th. Like Fuller House, most of the original cast will be returning with a few new additions. The most recent reboot rumor was for the popular series, Martin. According to People Magazine, the reboot hasn’t been confirmed yet, but at a recent reunion three of the show’s stars (Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold) said they would return for the reboot if it does become a reality. For those who find modern television shows uninteresting or too risqué, these reboots are sure to put viewers back in front of the TV to experience the nostalgia of these reboots.

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