WeNeedToTalk…No More.



WeNeedToTalk…No More.

By Jasmine  Mccarroll

Creating an environment where people can share ideas and experiences is a mission that society has tried, but has also fallen short of achieving. Student organizations like ‘WeNeedToTalk’ were designed to achieve means of getting people to discuss societal issues that often divide our opinions. Since 2015, WeNeedToTalk has established success by getting people to listen, and then speak. Unfortunately, like fallen attempts in society, WeNeedToTalk at Lander was discontinued indefinitely.

Founded at Lander University, WeNeedToTalk became the first collegiate branch to discuss societal issues such as Nature vs. Nurture, Is Homosexuality a choice?, Heritage or Hate, and other topics that continue to erupt divisions in perspectives and opinions. Through each discussion the process of communicating was deemed important, and as the 2016 Former Director Nadja Seymour stated, “Being a part of this organization was something I prided myself on being the best in…WeNeedToTalk was a common goal that we either struggled in or not at all.” The vision of struggling together is seen as ideal to a team but struggling due to lack of structural accountability affected the mission of the organization.

The year 2017-2018 showed that without accountability and structure, there cannot be an effective environment for the people. With issues of lack of communication and accountability, WeNeedToTalk became a movement more of Listen to me Speak rather than Listen Then Speak. This year’s Former Director, Kennedy Polk stated, “This organization is a beautiful thing. It saddens me our Founder decided to discontinue chances for others indefinitely.”

As the reason for discontinuing WeNeedToTalk were vague and unclear, the efforts of sharing ideas aren’t far from society’s reach. While the chances of WeNeedToTalk have been dispersed, the desire remains. Instead of talking to be heard, we must listen then speak.










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