The Road Less Traveled: Road to the NCAA Tournament

Lander women's basketball

The Road Less Traveled: Road to the NCAA Tournament

By Leajeanin Petit

Greenwood, South Carolina the home and stomping grounds of Lander Universities’ Lady Bearcats. The Lady Bearcats are known throughout their community because of their service, work ethic, but most importantly the prestige of their athletic program. Within the past 5 seasons the Lady Bearcats have had over 30 wins and less than 8 losses at home.

Since the arrival of head coach Kevin Pederson, 13 years ago, Bearcat Athletics has forged a standard of excellence throughout the entire Peach Belt Conference with back to back conference championships and NCAA tournament appearances including one ticket to the Elite 8 in 2008.

“The Lady Bearcats have a long road ahead of us,” stated Coach Pederson. He then expresses, “We need to know where we are going and what we want to accomplish, it’s like the time old saying that you can hop in a car but without a map you’re bound to drive in circles”. Speaking on the work ethic and drive of our current team, Coach Pederson shares his concerns and his undying hope for the journey that lies ahead of our Lady Bearcats.

Currently 8-3 in the conference the Lady Bearcats have their work cut out for them, but nothing is impossible. At this time, there are around 5 teams that could potentially host the NCAA tournament with Carson Newman leading the way, but with more than 15 games left in the season Lander can still make a way. With all of Greenwood behind the Lady Bearcats their road to the NCAA tournament is not a question of if they make it, but how high of a seat they will take among their many competitors.

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