Lander welcomes international students


Lander welcomes International Students
Can you imagine flying thousands of miles across the world alone? No family and friends, just you with a couple of suitcases. Many students take that journey every year as they enroll to be an international student.

Lander University partners with universities in different countries to create study abroad opportunities for Lander students as well as to receive international students from the various countries.

Two foreign students tell their story on being exchange students. Conor Richards, sophomore, from Isle of White, England is here at Lander to play golf. “Playing golf in America is easier and more structured,” said Richards. “Playing golf in the U.S.A. also has more opportunities,” he added.

Yunseo Heo, junior, from Seoul, Korea came to Lander for the opportunities that the United States has to offer. Heo transferred to Lander and is an official Lander student. She will be graduating in the 2018 Fall semester. Heo added that Lander gives her a good balance.

Both international students emphasized that they had to get adjusted to the cultural differences and homesickness, but at the end of the day, they said it’s all worth it!

Pictured in story: Conor Richards

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