The Growl – sports radio at Lander


The Growl: Lander Sports Radio

By James Johnson

An interesting idea from a Junior Mass Communications major, William “Waffle” Cantrell started off small but has blossomed into what has now become the main resource for sports news on Lander’s  XLR.

Cantrell’s idea is called The Growl.

“Something catchy and short that embodies something unique about Lander” is what Cantrell had to say when discussing where the sports show’s name came from. The Growl has had a number of guests to accompany the hosts on the show. The Growl organizers said they hope to big enough soon to host bigger named guests. They also said they hope this experience might possibly help open doors for similar career opportunities.

When asked about the overall success of the show, Cantrell responded “The show has been successful so far. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and have regulars who listen every week.”

A big part of their success so far is the focus on sports right here at Lander since Cantrell also does the PA for most of the Lander sports teams. Due to those close ties, he can get the most up-to-date information on anything and everything related to Lander athletics .

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