New LU Film Club Forming

New LU Film Club

New LU Film Club at Lander

There will be a new film club forming at Lander University, and it will be advised by Professor Cory Carpenter. The idea for the club came from Lander student, Ashley Rutherford. She stated, “My vision for the club is for students to learn about the equipment and create interesting short films.”

The club will offer a supportive atmosphere demonstrating to students how to use film equipment to shoot short films. The goals include to create storyboards, write, and find actors to produce short films similar to the processes of working in the film industry.

The club welcomes any current Lander student to join. The group need at least 15 people to officially become a club on campus. Carpenter states “Lander has much equipment available to use and would love to even build a set-in order to capture the best shot.”

With the short film festival approaching in the spring, this club will be able to contribute to the competition for those interested.

If you or someone you know has an interest in joining the film club and learning about the art of film Ashley Rutherford or Cory Carpenter are the best people to contact with any questions or concerns.

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