Fighting the flu

fighting the flu
Fight the Flu with Smiling Finger Faces

Abby Baldwin

Lander University is currently experiencing more than just cold weather and snow this winter. Seasonal illnesses are way up.

According to The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, within the first two weeks of 2018, over 100 cases of the flu were diagnosed in Greenwood County alone. Also, The US News reported a total of nine deaths as result of the flu in South Carolina. This sickness has become a serious issue throughout the state and Lander University sits in the middle of the flu war zone.

Over 20 cases of the flu have been diagnosed at the Lander University’s Wellness Center this season, with many more cases expected to come. Sarah Grant, Nurse at Lander’s Wellness Center, warns that the flu is not the only issue, “I have seen students with upper respiratory infections, strep, and bronchitis, along with several flu cases”.

Grant encourages students to stay healthy and clean, “Washing your hands is the number one way to prevent sickness. Avoid touching a surface and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth,” stated Grant. It is highly advised that students go straight to the Wellness Center if they experience any flu like symptoms such as but not limited to: fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, fatigue, etc.

The Wellness Center is located on Lander University’s campus beside Lander University Police Department. Hours of operation are 8 p.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All students will be greeted by an experienced staff member willing to help students. Lander’s Wellness Center works with the Montgomery Center of Greenwood to make sure all students health needs are taken care of. Walk ins are welcome

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