#We Need To Talk


#We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk is a student organization on campus that was founded in March of 2013 at, #WeNeedToTalk is a movement that promotes culture, consciousness, and social development. They focus on issues that divide humanity economically, socially, culturally, and politically by bringing people of different walks of life together through events. They do not aim to change individual ideologies but rather expose the similarities of all people who tend to focus on their differences. Whether you are black, white, male, female, rich, poor, heterosexual, homosexual, educated, or uneducated you are a human-being first, and your unique perspective on life should be considered a key contribution to society.

“WeNeedToTalk has taken the important issues that students quietly talk about in their dorm rooms and brought them to the surface. It has given the students the platform to be heard not judged.” – Tyvon Odumodu (co-founder)

This organization provides education, opportunity, and experience. They offer opportunities to join the team, start a collegiate branch, or donate. Lander’s Next #WeNeedToTalk event will be discussing “Is College worth it”. For more information visits http://wnttalk.org/events/

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