Veteran’s Day Recognition

Veterans Day Recognition

Veteran’s Day Recognition

In honor of Veterans Day each year Lander University does something special to recognize and pay tribute to the veterans and especially the veterans here at Lander University.

Chris Giles Director of Veteran Services tells us that “Lander will be placing American Flags along the front road entrance of Lander all the way down to the big fountain in front of the school”.

If  you are a veteran here at lander you can fill out a form that Mr. Giles sent out to the student body that includes your name, branch, years served, occupation, and rank. These forms have to be turned in by November 1, 2017

The information that is given about the veterans here on Lander’s campus will be displayed on television screens around campus.

Flags will be displayed beginning of November 6, 2017- November 10, 2017. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Chris Giles at .

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