Taunita Stephenson Lander Athletics’ Newcomer

Taunita Stephenson Lander Athletics' Newcomer

By Jessica Harris

Taunita Stephenson is Lander athletics’ new Associate director of Student Athlete Success. She focuses on developing programs that will help athletes with their life off the field or court and life after college. She is also the senior women’s administrator, which is meant to insure a voice for the women at the table, and advocate for not only female athletes but male athletes as well.

The department of Student Athlete Success is currently working on branding and getting the word out to athletes that there is someone you can go to if you have questions about your resume or life sports. They have a lot in store for the athletic program. For example, they will host etiquette dinners, resume building workshops, and communication training.

Stephenson went through various training at UCF in her Devos Sport Business management graduate program. She states, “I enjoyed it because I was around like-minded people who enjoyed service, diversity, and leadership. So, whether you’re a white man working in sales you’ll need to know how to operate in diverse setting, and whether you’re a black woman working in marketing you’ll need to know leadership”.

There are a lot of opportunities out there but the job is not easy, and although there aren’t a lot of women in the profession, it is definitely a career to look into. Stephenson stated, “there will be times when people count you out because you’re a woman or you’re young, but it’s doable”.

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