Meet Denise Manley – Executive Director of Alumni Affairs


Denise Manley, Lander University Executive Director of Alumni Affairs, graduated from Lander College in 1989. Manley studied English and Psychology, and during her time at Lander, she participated in student affairs, cheerleading, student government, became president of her sorority and was a Lander Dancer.

Manley discussed the growth of Lander University since her time as a student and added, “It feels good to be back”.

The Lander Alumni Association has 17,000 alumni members and approximately 3,500 are located in the Greenwood area.

Her vision for the Alumni Association is to increase alumni engagement. “We need to find out what our alum want to do.” Manley says. She wants to “…get in touch with the association and update contact information”.

Her advice for current students, “Get involved, and when you graduate stay connected” – come back to campus.

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