Helen Yonts, Lander University Wellness Center Counselor on Domestic Violence


By: Ti’Mani White

In celebration of Domestic Violence month, Helen Yonts, a counselor of Lander Wellness Center, answered questions about the importance of educating students about domestic violence.

What is domestic violence? Domestic violence is most thought of as intimate partner violence, but can also include violence or abuse from a family member.

What are others ways has Lander’s Wellness Center helped in educating about domestic violence? The Wellness Center had a Domestic Violence Awareness table with information on October 19th. A representatives from Meg’s House attended with information. I have also invited the mother of a young lady who was strangled to death by her boyfriend to attend. They have a petition signed to make strangulation a felony offense. CLICK Here for further information.

Counselors have spoken to different groups on campus about domestic violence and sexual assault to inform and encourage people to speak and get help. We also encourage them to blame the victim, which happens too often. We encourage them to be an Active Bystander, which is someone who sees a negative situation or event and intervenes in some way to prevent them.

What should a student do if they are a witness or even a vitcim of domestic violence? If a student is in a situation where they are a witness or victim of domestic violence, what are ways they can get help? Counseling services are available, free and confidential with some exceptions. Abuse of a minor child has to be reported to the proper authorites and if someone is in direct danger, that will be reported to LUPD and their emergency contact.


Lander University Wellness Center

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Lander University Police Department

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