Fat Daddy’s Barbecue

Fat Daddy’s Barbecue

Fat Daddy’s Barbecue

It’s been 4 weeks since the grand opening of the new Fat Daddy’s barbecue restaurant, and “business is booming” according to owner Chris Reeder. Reeder’s father Billy Ray Reeder started Fat Daddy’s BBQ in Cross Hill, SC. Chris has now expanding the family brand into a 4,000-square foot restaurant located in Uptown Greenwood’s Shoppes at Hampton Place.

When asked why Reeder decided to bring his family owned business to Greenwood he stated, “The city has made huge strides and continue to make progress, and my family and I would love to be part of that.”

Fat Daddy’s seems to be very popular with the Greenwood community. Sean Butler a Greenwood native said Fat Daddy’s has “great food.” He also stated that “the brisket was so flavorful I almost felt guilty putting sauce on it, though the sauces were fantastic, too. The portions were reasonable but not huge, which I appreciate because it meant I could enjoy everything on my plate without feeling awful afterwards.”

Cynthia Ethers who is another Greenwood native had this to say, “We ordered plates of 1 meat 2 sides. Unfortunately, the brisket was very dry, the 1/4 chicken portion was so small I thought it was a mistake and the tasteless hush puppies did not help matters.” She stated that there were also pros to her visit to Fat Daddy’s BBQ “there was such a nice atmosphere, friendly informative staff, an efficient ordering system, and the owner Chris was making sure that every customer felted welcomed.”

Reeder promised patrons during the grand opening of the restaurant that he planned on being visible and accessible to customers when Fat Daddy’s opened. Reeder now feels like that’s a promise that he kept.

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