Its dorm inspection week at Lander University

Its dorm inspection week at Lander University

Its dorm inspection week at Lander University


This week many Resident Assistants will be going around from dorm to dorm inspecting the rooms. Resident Assistants are expected to complete one health and safety inspection per semester.


During these inspections resident assistants are checking to make sure that you are properly taking care of the space that you are staying and following all the rules in order to stay in that specific dorm.


Although resident assistants are not allowed to go into your personal belongings, if they inspect that there is anything illegal going on in your room the university does have the right to search.


As a student it is best to get together with your roommates and decide on a plan of how to prepare for your room inspection.


Shelby, an RA for the Lide Apartments states that “ It’s best to just tidy up your rooms and the common area. If you have any candles or extension cords or anything that the university does not allow to be in the dorm room, please throw them out before your inspection to avoid getting into any trouble with the housing department”.


If you have any further questions about the housing inspections you can go to the third floor of the student center and ask someone up there or you can just simply ask the RA in your residence hall.

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