Twilight Tutoring was a success

    Twilight Tutoring was a success

    Twilight Tutoring was a success


    Twilight Tutoring at Lander University is a big night before midterms or finals where all the tutors at Lander come together in one place and allow students to come and get tutored on whatever they need help with before their big tests.


    Tuesday Night lander held their first twilight tutoring of the year to prepare for finals. Caleb Polatty, tutoring coordinator states “ There was a big turnout Tuesday night over 100 students came to get help for tutoring” He looks forward to the other Twilight Tutorings that would be held during the year.


    There are amazing tutors in the Academic Success Center for every subject that you may possibly need help with.


    The best thing about tutoring at lander is that it’s FREE. So come by the Academic Success Center at anytime when you are in need of help in any class.

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