RHC Presents: Fright Night


RHC Presents: Fright Night on Stanley Avenue

By Lynwood Pixley

This Halloween at Lander University is going to be packed with tons of surprises. To start thing off one of the most anticipated events on campus must be Fright Night. Fright Night, hosted by Lander University Resident Hall Council, will be held at 8 p.m. on October 20th in Sproles.

RHC President Jarod Dejuan Barksdale stated, “With RHC being a new and growing organization on campus this event has to be a success.” He added, “With all our new members, we are equipped with everything me need to make this event, as well as the organization, huge on Lander’s campus”.

He later said “Working with RHC has been nothing but fun. I see a lot of potential, and I am confident in the direction that we are going”.

Come out for a night of fun and fright.

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