Meet Brian Resse: Lander’s athletic director


    Meet Brian Resse: Lander’s athletic director

    By Jessica Harris

    Lander University welcomed the new athletic director, Brian Reese, last January and since then there has been a lot of planning for improvements to the whole department.

    Reese says there is a lot in store for the athletic department. He is already implementing a new system of compliance to improve the coaching staff. In addition to the new system, Reese has also added Taunita Stephenson to the staff to coordinate with student athletes in efforts to help them with life after graduating.

    Being a former athletic trainer, Resse has seen what it is like to have constant contact with student athletes and build relationships with them. His experience at the Division 1 level helped him realize that building relationships with athletes is what he loved doing the most.

    Prior to taking the job, Reese met with the coaching staff and Lander’s president, Dr. Richard Consentino. He said he knew immediately that this was the program he wanted to be a part of.

    Reese stated, “I am just as excited as I was the day I got the offer for the position.” Resse plans to stay at Lander for a long time to build up the athletics program, to sustain success, and become a model for Division 2 schools.

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