Lander Women’s Basketball


Lander Women’s Basketball

By William Cantrell

The Lander Women’s Basketball team is coming off a 25-8 season a year ago, and looking to build on the success of the past three seasons.

Mylea McKenith

Head coach Kevin Pederson took a minute to discuss the fast approaching season.  When asked how things are looking so far, Pederson stated, “it’s hard to tell right now.  The girls aren’t fully conditioned yet, and the freshman are acting like freshman. He paused, then continued,  “However, I’m very encouraged by Mylea McKenith, she is working very hard.”

When asked how this team compares to teams of the recent past, Pederson stated, “I feel like this team can raise the bar.  The past few years we’ve fallen short of our goals of a region championship, but I feel like this team can achieve that.”

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