Lander Enactus starting over?

Lander Enactus starting over?

Lander Enactus starting over?

By Delshawn Anderson

Lander Enactus, an entrepreneurial business organization, has a new president with plans to take the club in a new direction.

Ryan Studer, newly elected president of Enactus, stated, “As president, I intend to really emphasize member bonding. I believe that the closer members are to one another, the more progress we will see in our future projects.”

Many of the club’s past projects were not as successful as the group had hoped due to their scope or the members’ lack of interest. Studer plans to change that during his term. He said he hopes to start and complete several projects that could benefit the environment, Lander’s campus, and the Greenwood community.

The overall goal of this business society is to provide its members with opportunities to get involved locally, develop leadership and gain communication skills through action. The Enactus President is also looking to add new members to their roster, “We have a whole spectrum of members that range from nursing majors to biology to teachers and business men. Everyone can take something away from being a part of Enactus.” This club meets Thursdays 5:15-6:15 p.m.

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