Lander’s Student Support Services (SSS)-TRiO


Lander’s Student Support Services (SSS)-TRiO

By Robert Kelly

Student often find themselves looking for ways to manage the challenging years of college. Many students may wonder where to find academic support resources.

Great news! Lander University has a program called Student Support Services better known around campus as SSS.

According to SSS Director Leslie Glover the main goal of SSS is helping students not only

Leslie Glover
Leslie Glover

succeed throughout their journey at Lander University but more importantly share in the excitement during graduation when each participant walks across the stage with a degree in hand.

You may be wondering how to become a part of such a program. There are certain requirements including having a documented disability (learning or physical), low income based on U.S. Department of Education income guidelines, or be a first-generation college student (neither parent graduated from a four-year college).

With this being stated, Student Support Services is a federally funded support program by the US Department of Education. With Lander having approximately 3,000 students, SSS only has 160 spots for students on campus. Student Support Services works hand-in-hand with Lander retention efforts.

Students participating in the program said SSS has been a major help to them during their journey here on Lander’s campus.

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