Lander University: Parking space shortag


Lander University: Parking space shortage?

By Peiyao Lyu, “Peggy” international student

This semester, Lander University saw the largest incoming freshmen class ever with more than 600 freshmen. To accommodate the need for additional parking, the university opened a new Faculty, Staff, Commer (FSC) lot, located at the corner of West Sproles Avenue and Barksdale Street.

However, most of the students still must wake up early to find a parking space. To get a better understanding of the situation, I interviewed Officer Vernon Peppers who work for LUPD.

LUPD believes there is enough parking, according to Peppers. Parking enforcement along with officer Peppers monitor the parking situation and at any given time during the day, they say there is at least 160 spaces available on campus and as many as 600.

Then, officer Peppers stated there is no parking shortage. The average number of spaces available during the day (8AM-4PM) in commuter parking is 467 opened spaces. With the studies the Parking Enforcement officer has conducted it appears peak time is from 11:00AM-1PM.

‘But students have a lot of questions about parking.’ He said, ‘If they could review the emails sent out about parking it would help solve a lot of their questions. The emails include parking maps with walk times so this could greatly help students who think they cannot find parking.’ Besides, LUPD constantly monitors the parking on a daily basis to address any problems as they arrive.

After the interview, he said ‘I do not think the parking situation is bad, but I believe that Lander University is growing. With this growth comes needs in improvements of infrastructure that will include more parking, more police, more staff members, and more buildings. This is a great problem to have because we believe Lander is growing.’

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