CMM Program


CMM Program

This week we will highlight one of the many scholarship programs that Lander has to offer. MiSTERs is an acronym which stands for “Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role-models”.  The CMM Program was created in 2000 by Dr. Roy Jones of Clemson, in an effort to narrow the gap in the lack of minority males in the field of education (specifically, elementary and middle school levels).   Minority males make up less than 3% of all teachers (K-12) in the state of SC. The program is charged with recruiting, mentoring and educating men of color for the prospects of entering the field of education and becoming effective teachers.

Learning everyday “life skills” as your MiSTER’s enter the world of adulthood and adult responsibilities. Do you believe this program fits your life? If so there’s a few requirements to meet and this could be you. Apply on-line through Clemson’s CMM link, Apply to the college of interest (there are 21 institutions to choose from in the state of SC). The student will need to write two letters, the first letter needs to explain why he want to become a teacher. The second letter must express how they believe the CMM program will benefit them and what they can bring to the table. Get two letters of recommendations, score an interview with the CMM Program Coordinator and the College of Education and you could become the next MiSTER!

Program coordinator Gavin Bethea, said, “Students will understand the role and responsibilities which come with being an educator, and know the advantages and disadvantages of being a male, minority figure in a white female dominated profession”.

If selected, student participates in the program, graduates and passes the PRAXIS exam to become a certified teacher, he will have to teach one year for every year that he received a CMM scholarship & stipend. For more information about CMM email


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