Parking at Lander University is getting hectic.

    Parking at Lander University is getting hectic.

    Parking at Lander University is getting hectic.

    By Kieanna Robinson

    Finding a parking space at Lander University has now become the new hunger games. With the incoming freshman class being the biggest that Lander has ever seen, parking spaces have become very slim.

    This year Lander University has an 8 percent increase in first-time freshman enrollment and a 2.5 percent increase in overall enrollment. So what’s Lander’s solution to this increase in student traffic?

    Recently there was a school-wide email sent informing faculty, staff, and students of the new parking arrangements. This has resulted in a $40 increase for parking permits. The university will be opening a new Faculty, Staff, and Commuter (FSC) lot, located at the corner of West Sproles Avenue and Barksdale Street, near Centennial Hall.

    Also the university will be allowing students to park in the Jeff May Complex across the street from the school. The Bearcat shuttle will be coming by to pick up students every 30 minutes to take them to campus. One can only hope that with these new parking arrangements students will be better accommodated.

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