LINK Logo/Slogan contest winners


Attention Bearcats!

I am pleased to announce that the winners of the LINK Logo/Slogan contest have been chosen. Please join me in congratulating our winners, Tanner Stone (1st place), Sarah Grigg (2nd place), and Diamond Crawford (3rd place). All three designs will soon begin appearing on a variety of printed materials and in multiple campus venues, so please join us in congratulating them.

These logos/slogans were created for a new course Lander will be offering starting Fall 2017 called LINK 101. This class is made especially for freshmen to ensure that students get the most out of their time at Lander.

LINK 101 is an elective course with sections organized into broad disciplinary clusters. The vision is for every Lander student to develop a personally meaningful life plan that reflects the essential values reflected in the philosophy of a liberal arts education and the world beyond.  What should this mean to you, though?

LINK 101 will teach you . . .

Leadership – Everyone dreams of working their way up to a top job position and the way to get there is through understanding leadership. LINK will teach you the qualities of a good leader, how to identify and take advantage of leadership opportunities, and how to use these skills to enhance employability.

Involvement – College is full of opportunities, but for a freshman it can all be overwhelming. LINK will ensure that you are aware of all your opportunities and find what fits you best. See what the university and community have to offer while figuring out what you have to offer it.

Networking – Have you ever heard, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? At Lander, we understand that it’s a little bit of both. Let us introduce you to the “who”. Work with fellow students, staff and faculty. Each class will be taught by three individuals: a faculty member, a staff member, and a peer mentor. LINK will teach you how to take advantage of these faculty and your peers to create a worldly mindset that will appeal to future employers.

Knowledge – LINK will not only ensure that you know the “who”, but also the “what”. This class will teach you to get the most out of college by finding your strengths and interests. You will develop the skills to teach yourself, so that no matter where life takes you, you never stop learning. LINK will equip you with the knowledge to take control of your own education by showing you how to plan your years at college, develop financial literacy, and have power over your health and wellness.

Let’s face it, freshman year is hard, so don’t make the mistake of brushing this off as another 101 class, this class was made just for you!



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