Tips to avoid a stressful exam week


Tips to avoid a stressful exam week

By: Mickayla Crumley

Have you ever seen a stress free college student when exam week is just a few weeks away? Probably not. So, with finals in just a few weeks every student in Bearcat Country is feeling stressed out. Here are a few ways to keep your stress at a minimum this exam week!

  1. Be Healthy

This may seem silly but eating right and exercising helps make many students feel more focused and more relaxed. Rachel Whitlock, sophomore, special education major, stated, “The only way that I stay sane during exam week is by going to the gym.” So when you are feeling stressed put on some running shoes and take a quick walk around campus.


  1. Stay Away from Stressful People

Stress is contagious. So when studying for exams don’t study with the friend who is stressing out over their exams. Study by yourself or friends who are not totally stressing out.


  1. Just Take a Break

Yeah, you heard me right. Just take a break. That may seem impossible with the unending amount of information that you need to study but, if you just let your brain relax for a few minutes or a few hours you will begin to feel more focused. Santos Pagán Jr., sophomore, mass communications major, stated “When I am stressed out about exams I watch ESPN for two hours. It helps me become more focused.”


  1. Say No to Unnecessary Breaks from Studying

It is inevitable, that while you are studying a friend is going to come up to you and continuously talk to you about their problems. Or you will get invited to go out with some friends for a day filled with everything but studying. So, don’t let the pressure of talking or hanging out with your friends blow off your study time. Because in the end what lasts longer, a friend or your knowledge?


  1. Believe in yourself

Even if you have a lot of studying to do and only a little time, don’t doubt yourself. Be confident, second guessing what you know will make you not be focused. If you have studied as much as you can and you’re out of time just stay confident.

Hopefully this upcoming exam week will be the least stressful yet. But if you begin to feel stressed out just try some of these tips and feel the stress melt away.

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