More freshmen to live on campus


    By Shania Land

    Lander Housing and residence life will be making it mandatory for the incoming freshman class to live on campus beginning with the 2017-2018 academic school year. The only students who will be excluded from this new policy will be any freshmen who live  within a 21-mile radius from campus.

    Incoming freshmen will stay in either Chipley, Williamston, New Hall, Centennial, and Brookside. With this policy in play, the tuition will not increase.

    Ayana Gilliyard, a head RLC of Bearcat Village, said that she sees change in policy as a benefit for the students both socially and academically. Freshmen will be on campus and be more motivated to use the available resources. Freshmen will be able to meet others more easily.

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    1. I think this article was good and the effects of more freshman living on campus will be beneficial for all freshman


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