Hypnotist ChrisJones Is Coming to Lander!


Hypnotist ChrisJones Is Coming to Lander!

By Jayla Lawson

ChrisJones (one word) is a Chicago-native, that makes his living by becoming one of today’s most entertaining performers on the college market. Serving as a Resident Assistant for three years ChrisJones used magic as a way to connect with the students on his hall. Nationally ranked as an athlete in college, ChrisJones also studied Sociology and Psychology stating that he was a “social engineer with deviant motives.”

ChrisJones performed only magic and stand-up comedy at weddings, bars, and nights clubs for years before he wanted to learn new tricks. While in graduate school, ChrisJones became fascinated with the art of hypnosis and found a piece to add into his show. ChrisJones was studying Therapeutic Recreation when he finally found the perfect balance of conjuring, psychology, comedy and suggestion.

The show will take place Monday, April 17th and held in the CC Auditorium at 7pm.

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