State of the 1994 University!

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State of the 1994 University

By: Becca Watford

That comfy Science and math building we take for granted on campus was only getting completed in 1994, and opened in 1996. The Dual Mathematics/Engineering degree that many of our students participate in, where you spend three years at Lander and two years at Clemson was just starting off. The M.A.T. program, Masters of Arts and Teaching, was just about to be approved in 1994. A lot of what we take for granted on campus in 2017 was only just getting started in 1994, and we should be grateful for all the hard work people have put into our campus over the years, making t the best it can be. As former president William Moran said “We’re gonna keep on keepin’ on!” and Lander has always done that.


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