Meet Caleb Polatty


Lander Tutoring Coordinator Caleb Polatty offers studying tips for students who are struggling with their classes.  Polatty explained, “My top strategy for students to succeed on exams is to do what we call five-day study plan.”

Polatty explains that this strategy is done by spacing out the five days you prefer to study, instead of five consecutive days before your upcoming test.  Students eventually start to realize that they need additional help with their classes. This way they can better determine their level of preparation, and they can go to tutoring if necessary.

Polatty added that after students take their first test and are not satisfied with their grade, they often come to The Academic Success Center to get tutored. According to Polatty, “We have about 40 appointments on a given day.”  Polatty states that Mondays and Wednesdays are their most active days for tutoring.

Polatty reminds students that’s it’s ok to go to tutoring to enhance your knowledge about a subject you are having trouble in. To schedule an appointment, you can go to The Academic Success Center or schedule an appointment online under Mylander.

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