Student Presenting Research at Statewide Conference


    Student Presenting Research at Statewide Conference

    By Liz Aydlette

    Katherine Spence, a sophomore at Lander University, will be presenting the findings of her psychology research project in Myrtle Beach at a conference for the American Psychological Association. The conference, which will take place in late March, features undergraduate level students and masters level students from across the state will come together to be judged by psychology professors and the association. Spence has been working on collecting data for this project for the entire school year with Dr. Basset, her psychology professor.


    Spence explained that her project is based on previous horror film theories and stated that “people who like horror movies tend to be more thrill seeking, have a lesser fear of death, and believe in more traditional values.” After polling over a hundred students last semester, Spence had enough data to back up her claim and has been working on perfecting the presentation of her research for the conference. Spence’s work will also be published in a journal later this year.

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