Free stuff for college students

Grace Street Park

By Sydney Wells

Being a college student often means temporarily living on a limited budget. This can mean renouncing a variety of things. For instance, substituting actual meals for protein bars and ramen. Perhaps the most forgone aspect of a college student’s life is entertainment. It simply costs too much to be able to enjoy a night out when there is tuition to pay. Luckily for Bearcats, there are a variety of things to do in and around Greenwood that don’t cost a penny.

  1. Parks
    There are several parks just miles from Lander’s campus, including the West Cambridge Park and the Grace Street Park. Getting outside can have a positive impact on students and reduce stress.
  2. The Humane Society
    The animal shelter just behind the Civic Center is always looking for volunteers. Helping out here, surrounded by cute cats and dogs, can be a lot of fun. It benefits the organization and it doesn’t cost a thing but your time.
  3. The Greenwood County Library
    Sometimes the best escape from the stressful college life is in a good book. Located uptown just past Inn on the Square, Greenwood residents can get a library card at no charge. As for non-residents, it only costs $5 for a card and unlimited access to every book in the building. Reading can be a great stress reliever while improving intelligence at the same time.

As a college student, we are stressed on a daily basis. Entertainment can eleviate that stress but it is often sacrificed due to financial tension. Luckily for Bearcats, there are countless free activities close to Lander’s campus.

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