Student Workers: Library Edition


Student Workers: Library Edition

By Jayla Lawson

Elementary Education major, Alezie Cook, works at the Jackson Library.

Cook began working at the library Fall 2016. The sophomore was pleased to get the job that she set out to get for the year. Since she’s an Education major, Cook has a lot of lesson plans and assignments, being able to work in the library granted her access to have time to get everything done.

Working at the library wasn’t Cook’s first job, she also previously worked at a summer camp and the local BI-LO in her hometown.

“Customer service was something I already learned but got to enhanced,” Cook voiced. “I was also given the experience of the “behind the scenes” of the library.”

One thing that Cook boasted about the job was that she saw a change in herself since starting the job. She could tell that she wasn’t as shy as she used to be. That the job allowed her to break out her shell and meet new people without it being overwhelming.

The job also taught Cook managing skills. She said that she now has to plan her social life around her job. There are times that she would miss events because of work but she would know ahead of time.

When asked what’s something she would like to say after the interview Alezie said: “If you ever come in the library while I’m working, I’d be more than happy to help you!”


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