Travel Safety at Lander


Travel Safety at Lander University

By Caroline Cawthon

Lander University is a busy place where students, faculties and others can be seen walking briskly around, performing various tasks during business hours. There is a mixture of commuters who drive to classes and those who live on campus.

It is uncommon that drivers try to outrun pedestrians who are trying to cross the road, so that they could make their turn first. This might save the driver a couple of seconds, but the risk of this could be catastrophic. Lander University’s Chief of Police Eddie Briggs says, “Always yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.”

According to the CDC, every 24 hours about 430 pedestrians would be treated for injuries sustained during their activity as a pedestrian. In order to maintain a proper balance between traffic and pedestrians at Lander, Briggs saie, “ LUPD officers are constantly monitoring traffic and enforcing traffic laws when needed to ensure the safety of the Lander community.”

In regards to the drivers, he says, “ No phones or electronic devices while driving, especially in heavy pedestrian areas like a campus. ” He added, “Follow posted speed limits or drive slower when pedestrians are present, and use extra caution.”

Pedestrians also have responsibilities regarding their own safety and those around them. Chief Briggs stresses, “Pedestrians need to stay alert and watch out. Put down their phones and handheld electronics that distract attention from the road. Always use the crosswalks and follow the rules.”

Essentially, the responsibilities for everyone’s safety is shared together. Drivers need to understand that while they can outrun the pedestrians, they should wait because it is safer than to guess who can make it first. Courtesy and alertness can aid in keeping the campus safe for everyone.


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