Always a Season to be Blessed

Infused with scents both musty and sweet. Filled with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. The ultimate public declaration of love is not the locale. Though wedding dresses and things of many sorts, there can be found. It is a scavenger hunt to many around and an earthy savior to the needy, destitute and the

Things of many sorts, there can be found. It is a scavenger hunt to many around and an earthy savior to the needy. Its glowing blue neon letters draw in the multitude like bees to honeysuckle. Its half-smile welcomes them in kindly. It is Goodwill.

Amongst a plethora of thrift stores, Goodwill Industries is a giant. Versus its competitors, Goodwill grossed $5.6 Billion according to the Forbes report for the 2015 fiscal year. Not just a store, this non-profit organization prides itself on changing lives. Its mission is to strengthen communities by breaking down barriers to opportunity.

One of their largest missions is to put people back to work by either providing them with employment within the company or placing them elsewhere for employment. There are 25 Goodwill Job Connections across South Carolina. Here, job seekers are provided with the tools for success. Amongst these tools provided are: resume building, interview skills, computer skills and referrals.

Goodwill attracts the likes of many. Many of its shoppers return day after day, month after month and year after year. Sara Smith, a Goodwill customer of 30 years is an example of this shopper loyalty. “Goodwill has been godsend for me. I’ve raised two girls by myself,” expressed Smith.


Donations and purchases made at Goodwill fund programs that put people back to work. Those who are employed by this company know firsthand how Goodwill changes lives.

An employee touched by this mission was Kim Jones. “It feels good working for a non-profit organization and it has different morals than working at a regular store,” explained Jones.

It touches both customers and employees alike. It builds up communities. Helping those who need it most is their priority.

For further questions about Goodwill’s mission, services or goods, visit to find a location near you.

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