Q&A: Why did you choose Lander?


Q&A: Why did you choose Lander?

Students at Lander University were asked why they chose to attend the school.

Jessica Woody, Senior Business Administration Major


“I chose Lander originally for nursing because it has the best program.”


Marilyn Knight, Sophomore Nursing Major


“I have lots of family that came here. It’s close but far enough away from home.”

Brooke Meredith, Sophomore Nursing Major


“I’ve lived in Greenwood my whole life and it’s close to my family. My mom and aunt both graduated from Lander. I also chose Lander because of the good nursing program.”


Rebekah Walker, Freshman Biology Major


“I chose Lander because it’s close to home and it had the major and emphasis I orginally wanted. It’s also a smaller school and I liked that.”


Lexi Word, Freshman Business Administration Major with Healthcare Management Emphasis


“I went to Winthrop my first semester and it wasn’t what I wanted. I live in Greenwood so Lander was my second choice. It also has a nice campus.”

Destiny Clyde, Senior Mass Communications Major



“I chose lander because it was a small school and I loved the class sizes and softball wise there was an opportunity to come in as a freshman in the peach belt conference and start and be the building blocks of a softball program. I wouldn’t have chose anywhere else.”

Wes Miles, Senior History Major


“I chose lander for its small campus feel.”

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