Long Lost Historical Facts

Long Lost Historical Facts

Long Lost Historical Facts 

Tanner Stone

History is a funny thing. Some believe that history as a whole repeats itself while others conclude that it merely rhymes sometimes. Whether history repeats itself or not is up for debate but there are certainly plenty of interesting facts that bear repeating.

1. Albert Einstein turned down the opportunity to become the President of Israel.

2. A Chinese woman named Ching Shih is considered to have been the most successful pirate in history. At her peak she commanded the Red Flag Fleet of 70,000 pirates.

3. The mighty Attila the Hun was felled by a nosebleed while celebrating his wedding. We’re also not really sure where he was buried as those who buried the great barbarian king were killed to preserve the secret.

4. There are more dragons in the Bible than cats.

5. Julius Caesar was once captured by pirates for ransom. He fraternized with the pirates while awaiting the payment from Rome and often joked that once it arrived he’d have them all hanged. The pirates laughed at Caesar’s dry humor. His first order of business upon release was to man a fleet, capture the pirates and crucify them.

History is full of interesting facts. Another example is the fact that Julius Caesar, while fearless in battle, is said to have had ailurophobia, an irrational fear of cats. Send me your favorite historical facts.

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