Lander University’s 8th Annual Film Festival


Lander University’s 8th Annual Film Festival

Its back this year and better than before! The Lander University’s 8th Annual Film Festival. The kick off will take place on the Lander Campus April 20-22nd. It is a short film competition that gives a chance for students and the community to come together and celebrate film. This event will focus on classic films, film history, film making, and networking. Whether you would like to come out and participate or just enjoy the show it is open to high school students, college students and adults of all ages.

Each contestant will receive a film packet on March 27th containing a line of dialogue. Participants are responsible for casting their actors, creating the scenery while including the given line of dialogue. Paul Crutcher, Broadcast and Emerging Media Specialist and general manager of XLR Lander Radio will be hosting the event. He says, “You can really get creative with this, students have shot scenes in their dorm room”. The judges are people in the local community such as Misty Jamison and a Greenwood County judge.

As in previous years, they will also have the pleasure of having a guest from Hollywood. Craig Titley is a screenwriter, director, and producer, who has worked in films such as; See Spot Run, Cheaper by the Dozen and currently screen writing for Marvel.

There will be a film workshop leading up to the Short Film Competition Screening followed by the Award ceremony.

Each short film requires incorporating a line supplied to them by Hollywood screenwriters. This will ensure that all movies were created during the time period allowed. The lines for the open division will be supplied by John Milius, author of “Apocalypse Now” and many more. The lines for the college division will be supplied by Bob Gale, who, in addition to many other popular films, cowrote “Back to the Future”. The lines for the high school division will be supplied by Chris Columbus, who directed “Harry Potter”, as well as “Home Alone”.

The winner of the competition will be granted a trophy along with a cash prize. This event will also be FALS credit approved. Every year the Film Festival grows and becomes more innovative. Crutcher states, “Its inspiring to see the all the artistic aspects come together. One person oversees casting the actors, editing, and credits. With only a short amount of time and two weekend in between it takes discipline and a lot of hard work. But the most rewarding feeling is watching participants see their work become art, then placed on the big screen for people to enjoy. The best part is seeing the candidate step up to receive their trophy.”

For more information regarding the Film Festival please contact Paul Crutcher at

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