2017 Intramural Madden Tournament

2017 Intramural Madden Tournament

2017 Intramural Madden Tournament

Michael LaPalme

                On January 31st, Lander held the 2017 Madden intramural tournament. This year, there were 20 participants and the games were played on Xbox ones thanks to a local GameStop. Among the competitors were the winner and runner-up from last year’s tournament. The beginning rounds were held in the Bearcat lounge. However, the semi-finals and final match were played in the auditorium. In the end, the runner-up from last year’s competition, A’Darius McKie, came out on top this year. This was the second video game tournament intramural held at Lander this year. The first was A FIFA tournament that was held during the fall semester. There are no more planned for this year but they will continue next year.

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