Celebrating Valentine’s Day: Good or Bad?


Celebrating Valentine’s Day: Good or Bad?

By Caroline Cawthon

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, nearly all shops and restaurants are beginning to participate in the festivity. Some stores offer discounts, or sell gifts such as chocolates or flowers, essentially egging on the importance of this day. However the question remains: is Valentine’s Day just another Hallmark holiday or do people truly take it seriously?

Chariot Wharton, a Mass Communications Student at Lander University, weighed in with her thoughts on the day. She said,

“Overall, it seems people want to go all out for somebody they care about a lot. To me it should be observed. However, the rest of the year is important too because you can show them you love them everyday.”

When asked whether or not she believes that stores and businesses are overdoing Valentine’s day, she responded,

“I don’t think it’s overdone at all. People celebrate Halloween and go all out. Valentine’s Day promotes good; it promotes love. We should definitely not do away with it because it’s spreading the love.”

What do you think about celebrating Valentine’s day?










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  1. I think that Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for people to go the extra mile in expressing their love for the people they care about.

    This was a great read!


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