Village Talk, an online social community, is a free anonymous site that’s for just about anyone. Built on the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”, the company’s belief is “It takes villages to raise an entire community.”

Victorious individual learning, loving, and giving everyone respect – Villagers, are the group of people on the site. This site was built on the principle that everything is unbiased and people are going to have the freedom to talk about any problems that they have.

Addiction, domestic violence, rape, and single parenting are some of the villages that are available on the website. There are 15 villages in total and you can choose how many you want to be a part of and how many you want to be a counselor in.

Becoming a counselor can be done by anybody since this is anonymous. Part of the mission statement includes that Village Talk is a give and take organization. The counselors are not required to give out their information, just like the villagers.

Although, if you violate the terms of the website by offending the person you are talking to or anything along the line of making them uncomfortable then you will permanently be exiled from the site. This also gives the villagers the reassurance that they are safe.

Village Talk was launched October 2015 and can be accessed anywhere in the world. As of right now, the only language available is English but the founders are looking forward to expanding the site and having availability worldwide.

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