New Beginnings


New Beginnings

By Jayla Lawson


Sophomore, Kayla Tindal wanted to do something that was going to make her happy and make a difference.

Coming to Lander, August 2015, Tindal was a Biology major with a concentration in Pre-Dental. Wanting to attend a place that felt like home, Tindal chose Lander stating that the college was small but still had the friendly vibe. “The vibe that I got from the faculty and students was something I loved, I knew Lander was the place I needed to attend.” Tindal stated.

Being interested in Biology since she was 10 years old, Tindal claimed that she had her whole life planned out according to her dream. Although when it came down to study the material and getting ready for classes, Tindal knew that this wasn’t for her. She expressed that heart wasn’t in it anymore.

“My friends sat me down, told me that they knew Biology wasn’t for me and I’m glad they did.” Tindal smiled. Listening to her friends and talking with her parents, Tindal decided that she needed a new plan. Coming back to Lander after winter break, Tindal dropped Biology as her major and picked up something that she’s enjoying much more.

Business Administration, emphasis on Healthcare Management, was the light that Tindal was looking for. Tindal wants to become a Clinical Director at a hospital. Basically making sure that the hospital’s research department is running smoothly.

Tindal’s advice for those who are thinking about changing their majors is that if your heart isn’t in it; if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then chances are it’s not for you and it’s okay. Tindal proclaimed that she’s blessed to have a support system that she could count on to tell her the truth and listen to what she has to say.

“I’m so much happier,” Tindal laughed, “I found something I can see myself doing for the long run.”

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