XLR: Never Just a College Station


XLR: Never Just a College Station

By Caroline Cawthon

College radio stations tend to be viewed with a seclusive lens. It may seem that because it is college radio, then only those who attend those colleges or people who have connections to the university would listen to the shows. However, this is untrue.

Paul Crutcher, Broadcast and Emerging Media Specialist and General Director of XLR, expressed that student DJs often think that their shows are unheard other than the snippets they hear during the day. This is untrue, as Crutcher says, XLR radio is being listened to all over the world. Countries who are tuning in to our very own XLR includes the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, France and others. On average, XLR gets two thousand hits a month of live streaming.

XLR Radio will soon be accessible through the application RadioFX. The application will make it easier for anyone to access college radio from their smartphones or tablets as it is just a click away. This app also increases the interactiveness of radio stations. Listeners would be able to interact with the DJs, put in requests, or call in – all in real time. Anyone could access the application from their Apple devices by downloading the app from the Itunes store. 

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