Tackle Into Club Football


Tackle Into Club Football

By Jayla Lawson

Terrance Crawford wanted to bring something to Lander University that he thought would open doors for the school.

Crawford, who transferred to Lander last August, heard from chatter around campus that many believed that Lander could be better if they had a football team.

Club football is a student organization that’s classified as Division III football on a college level. Crawford believes that everyone can bond on football and wanted to bring that atmosphere to Lander.

Talking with one of his friends from UNC, Crawford got the idea of Club Football. Going to the Student’s Organization Office, Crawford was given the steps and fought his way to getting the club. Something to be proud of, Crawford gave students a voice for the future of their school.

Depending on how good Club Football play, Lander could possibly turn the club into a Divison II by taking the current players and turning them into a varsity team. With Lander stating that there might be a team within the next five years, Crawford states that the goal is to have Lander use the current team to build up.

Club Football doesn’t discriminate against gender, they seek out for those who are talented and want to join. Requirements are that you have to be a full-time student, have no less than a 2.0 GPA and you can’t have any academic or behavioral problems.

Workout consist of meeting every day at 3:30 pm on the front lawn of New Residence Hall, where players will go through drills, passing trees and four on four. As of right now, there isn’t a team weightlifting regime but it’s highly encouraged for the players to get into the gym on their own.

They’re still seeking players!  Tryouts will be held in February while Spring practice will start in March. There is a one-time $75 fee and all players are required to bring their own football equipment. Crawford ask for pads and helmets donations to help with new members coming in.

For more questions or concerns, contact Terrance Crawford or stop by the Student’s Organization Office.

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