Q&A:What has been the toughest aspect of college for you?


Q&A:What has been the toughest aspect of college for you?

Various students were asked what the toughest part of college has been for them so far in their career.

 Hannah Strong, Senior Nursing Major

‘Being apart of the nursing program, there have been plenty of things that have been hard about college. LU’s nursing program is one of the top in the state for a reason. I think the toughest thing about college for me has been the workload and trying to learn how to balance school with a work a social life. It has been difficult at times, but I’m grateful that professors have pushed me. it hasn’t been an easy ride all the way through because I think you have to struggle a little to know if you’re really doing what you’re supposed to!”



 Chaz Giles, Senior Mass Communications major

not changing my mind about what i want to do everyday especially now that my graduation is getting closer.





 Kaitlin Sherfield(Fourth from left side), Junior Art major with an emphasis in Graphic Design

“So the most challenging aspect of college, for me, has been growing as an artist. When I came here, I had 4 years of experience on a computer, since my interest was graphic design in high school. The way the Lander Visual art curriculum is setup, requires you to take a drawing, painting, photography, ceramic, and sculpture studio class, no matter what your emphasis is. I was freaking out because I had never had any art class in my life other than Graphic design classes from high school! My first day of class, freshman year, I met Professor Elizabeth Snipes-Rochester. She was my drawing professor, and also one of the most influential people I’ve ever met in my life. Her constant positive attitude and passion for teaching is so evident. She reminded me daily to simply keep practicing my drawings and she always reminded me not to compare myself to others. Now, as a junior, and an award winning artist, I was able to get over my fear of not being a ‘good’ artist. Every single one of my art professors have made such an impact on my life, and my college experience wouldn’t be the same without them.”

 Berkley Casey, Junior Special Education Major

“I think the hardest part about college for me this year has been time management. I am the president of Zeta Tau Alpha, member of CEC (council for exceptional children), taking 5 classes while doing a clinical in a special ed classroom at Rice Elementary, on top of all of that I nanny two kids every day while managing a 4.0 GPA. Although it is very hard, anything is possible if you work hard.”




 Haleigh Conrad, Senior Business Administration major with an emphasis in Healthcare Management

“The hardest part of college for me has been time management. Learning how to manage time between school, work and a social life isn’t as easy as it seems.”





 Bailey McLaughlin, Sophomore Psychology major

the hardest part about college isn’t the work, but juggling everything else such as a job, doing laundry, working out, everything else that takes time on top of going to class and doing homework.



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