Uber in Greenwood?


By Marlee Adams

When it comes to population size, Greenwood’s ranking is in the top 20 for the largest cities in South Carolina. Greenwood is full of locals, college students, and tourists. Recently a campaign has been created, a campaign that will make Greenwood a better, and safer place. If you want the city you love and live in to become a better, and safer place, then hop on the campaign train.

The campaign created by a Greenwood local, Michael McCarthy, has spread all across the city and continues to gain support. McCarthy created a campaign to help bring Uber public transportation services to the large and growing city of Greenwood, SC.

Uber has been proven to be much more reliable, cheaper and safer than the average cab ride. Uber is not just an overall better choice for transportation, but will also bring jobs for people of all ages. Uber coming to Greenwood would provide part-time jobs for both adults and college students.

Uber is a public transportation service that is available at all hours of the day and night. Uber services are often used for those who are under the influence, do not own a vehicle, and often for simple traveling.

What better way to keep drunk drivers from behind the wheel and keep the roads you drive on safe? Uber will provide the car-free locals with a cheap and convenient way to get around the town. Uber is beneficial to all ages and useful for many different occasions.

Whether you are a permanent resident, a student of Lander University, or just visiting the beautiful city of Greenwood, hop on the campaign train. We can get Uber services to Greenwood with your help. Join Michael McCarthy and the other 1,000 plus riders on the campaign train and get Uber to Greenwood. If you support bringing Uber to Greenwood then go now and like the Facebook page and follow the steps provided.

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