Wellness Center

Student Wellness

Wellness Center

By: Myia Johnson
Lander University takes pride in caring for the many students on, and off campus by
ensuring that each student has the resources needed to be successful throughout their
time here. One of the most useful resources here at Lander is the Student Wellness
Center. The Wellness Center is located behind the Learning Center, right beside LUPD
and is open, Mon.-Fri. from 8am to 5pm.
The Wellness Center is broken down into three sections of service: Disability Services,
Health Services, and Counseling Services. Disability services are aimed at helping
students who has, or have acquired any kind of learning disability. However, it is the
student’s job to inform the wellness center about their disability.
Health services caters to the sick. There are always three nurses on call throughout the
week, and walk-ins are allowed. Please be mindful that it is on a  first-come, first-served basis. Health services can help with anything from the common cold, to different types of
testing. The nurses can also answer any questions that you may have, in confidence.
Health services also has a contract with local doctor offices, and general visits can be
covered by Lander. If a student becomes ill after 5 pm, they can call LUPD for emergency escorts to the ER.
Counseling services are available for all student,  on and off campus. There are three
licensed counselors helping in the Wellness Center; however, to meet with the
counselors an appointment is required, unless it is an emergency. These counselors are
here to help students with any problems they may have. For example, anxiety,
depression, homesickness…etc.
When asked what message the nurses at the Wellness Center would like to get across
to students on campus, RN. Kim Williams responded with, “We want to encourage
students to take advantage of the resources offered here. We don’t want students to be
afraid to come and talk to us.” She then went on to say, “If I’m not the one who can
provide the help you need, I will get you to someone who can.”
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  1. When I was there last year about my eczema, they were very helpful in giving me some medicine until I was able to transfer my prescription from home. Also gave me tips on how to manage it as well. Very friendly group of people!


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